• Mall Ninja

    Mall Ninja

    You own night vision goggles in an assortment of designer colors.

  • You carry a GI Joe action figure in your briefcase.
  • You video tape yourself doing something brilliant. Like this.
  • You’ve built a sniper hide in your backyard. Just in case.
  • If ‘formal attire’ means wearing your synthetic, wrinkle-free utility pants.
  • You wear digital desert cammies to work. At the mall.
  • You’re still upset that the 70’s TV show, SWAT, was cancelled.
  • You live in your parents basement.
  • You really do believe that Marine Recon units train with “Gears of War
  • Not only do you know how to spell ‘shuriken‘ but you own several
  • You routinely serpentine while jogging
  • You say things like “high speed, low drag” with a straight face.
  • You conduct recon before attending your annual family reunion luncheon.
  • You ‘gear up’ to go to Shoney’s

Photo Source: The interwebs – unknown