Like people, some guns are famous for certain attributes, while others are famous for being famous. I think the long-term fame of Glocks draws a bit from each of those realms, although I’m not sure if the Kardashians use them.

The First Tactical Tupperware … and Curtain Rods

The early Glocks brought the beginning of the polymer-pistol revolution. There was that silly media frenzy over “new pistols that could avoid metal detectors” and other such nonsense. Of course, no “journalist” stopped long enough to breathe into a paper bag and consider that gun barrels and slides are made of steel. (Oh, and ammunition is made of metal too.) Regardless, going to “Tactical Tupperware” was a big deal that turned the gun industry on its head for quite some time. For years, keyboard commandos bemoaned a world where pistols would fall apart or melt if left in the car on hot days. You know what they say about publicity: Any is better than none, and Glock got plenty of attention.

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