Is bigger really better? Or does it boil down to “how you use it?” When challenged by groovy son Austin about his decision to drive a Mini Cooper as his “spy car,” Nigel Powers blithely responded, “It’s not the size, mate. It’s how you use it.”

Was he right? Like psychic hotline results, the answer is whatever you want it to be. Skill usually trumps gear except when Lady Luck goes on a bender, but it’s easier to be successful when your handgun is bigger. Not a bigger caliber, but physically larger and more substantial. I admit it. I like big guns, and I cannot lie.

Why? The bottom line of effective handgun shooting is that you have to get sights on target precisely and then control the gun before, during, and after you fire it. Guess what? Larger handguns help with both fast and accurate sighting and control. Let’s explore.

Recoil by the numbers

It’s no secret that larger handguns have “less recoil” or at least feel like they do. But why is that? Let’s consider some simple math to explain precisely why.

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