ar15 calibers

Sometimes, this job is a real challenge. When tasked with looking at all the AR calibers out there, I went through all my fingers and toes—six times—to get a final count. Yup, people have cobbled up AR-type rifles in about 125 different calibers. Some of those don’t really count, because they are single-shot only, so they’re about as useful as Grecian Nasal Hair Formula. Others aren’t exactly spilling out of the gun racks at local stores. When was the last time you saw a sale on .358 Yeti AR rifles? I’m still waiting.

Anyway, talking about all the ballistics of different AR caliber options is easy. But being Shooting Illustrated, we’re able to go the extra mile. We have the technology and intestinal fortitude to discern the personality characteristics and quirks of all you shooters out there—based simply on your choice of AR caliber. In preparation for this project, not only did we watch reruns of the TV series “Medium” until our eyeballs caught on fire, we finally put to good use that old gift card for Dionne Warwick’s Psychic Friends Network. Yep, we take this stuff that seriously. After all, if we didn’t, what would France think?

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