There are some big decisions to ponder before you decide to carry a concealed firearm. Perhaps surprisingly, most of those considerations have nothing at all to do with which gun, holster or ammunition you choose. So, let’s talk about what you need to know before you carry concealed.

Beware of a False Sense of Security

Just packing a gun means absolutely nothing. It’s merely a tool in a much more comprehensive self-defense strategy. In fact, developing situational awareness is far more likely to sway the odds in your favor. Without awareness, knowledge on how to use it, and — most importantly — self-defense education and training, carrying a gun is about as valuable as landing on the Normandy beaches with an accordion.

Take a class from a qualified concealed carry instructor. Ideally, look for one who is USCCA certified. That man or woman will teach you a lot about what self-defense really means. You will learn that a self-defense encounter is nothing at all like shooting at the range. Ideally, the instructor will scare you half to death by helping you to realize how much you don’t know about real-life criminal encounters. That’s a good thing, as it will inspire you to think and train accordingly.

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