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“Armed robbery and shooting at North Charleston Waffle House”

If you read this headline, as I did this morning, what would you think happened? The robber shot someone? More “gun violence?” Yet another example of the evils of gun ownership?

Here in Charleston, that’s how WCBD News 2 reported an attempted armed robbery where a concealed carry permit holder quickly put a stop to the danger by shooting the robber.

No worries though, Facebook commenters quickly set the record straight at CountOn2’s Facebook page:

Headline should read, “Armed robbery stopped by CWP holder”

You know our liberal media would never glorify a CWP holder with a headline like that! Guns are bad! Don’t you know that?

This just proves that it pays off to carry a handgun everywhere with you at ALLTIMES!!

I’m sure the store employees were thankful that someone was there to protect them. May have easily ended differently.

Yayy 2nd amendment!!


Good! Another good reason we have our 2nd amendment! It’s a shame there are criminals, but there always have been and we need to be able to protect ourselves against the undesirable individuals who would do us harm. Kudos to that customer who was armed and in the right place at right time!

another sucess story that guns save lives the robber never saw that coming when he decided to break the law and put other lives at risk i am a firm believer in the right to bear arms and here is a perfect example maybe the robber will think twice before he does it again


There will be no robbing of the Waffle House!!