I’ve always wanted a pair of matching “cowboy guns.” By matching, I mean a six-shooter and a classic lever-action rifle, chambered in the same caliber. Ideally, that caliber would be .45 Colt. Childhood dreams? Maybe. Or perhaps just because.

When we decided to do some stories and videos on these classic guns, we quickly looked to Uberti for assistance. Since 1959, they’ve been passionate about making replicas of historical cap and ball and centerfire revolvers along with a slew of lever-action rifles. Located right near the Beretta headquarters in the Gardone Val Trompia village in the Italian Alps, the company is the place to go for old western firearms.

We decided to take a look at the Uberti Cattleman 1873 Patron six-gun. It’s a classic design, but to add icing to the cake, we were able to borrow a “matching” 1873 rifle in the same caliber and finish. Let’s take a look at the revolver today. We’ll give the rifle some attention in it’s own review.

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