‘Twas the night before Shot Show,
And all through the house,
Not a creature was stirring,
Except for my spouse.

The luggage was packed,
In the car with great care,
In hopes that St. Nugent
Soon would be there.

The vendors were busy,
Wishing they were in bed,
While visions of gun fun,
Danced in our heads.

And hubby in his Stetson,
And I with my frappe,
Decided to settle down,
And take a look at the map.

When out on the Strip,
There arose such a clatter,
We had to go out,
To see what was the matter!

Down to the lobby,
We flew like a flash,
Just in the nick of time,
To see two taxis crash!

The January sun,
On the breast of the desert,
Gave the Luxor a shine,
That spoke of “pay dirt.”

But alas, Media Day called,
With all the new gear,
Alerting me to the fact,
That the time was now near.

Now 10x, now Beretta,
Now Sig Sauer and SOG!
On Browning, on Benelli,
And on Devil Dog!

To the edge of the range,
Such a long haul,
Now shoot away, shoot away,
Shoot away all!

The sun now is setting,
The town’s coming alive,
The sounds remind me
Of a busy bee hive.

So off to the Casino,
To tempt Lady Luck,
All in an effort,
To make a few bucks.

The hour is late,
And my comfy bed’s calling,
I need rest before I take on,
The rooms that are sprawling.

Ibuprofen at the ready,
And alarms that are set,
I feel prepared and know,
There’s no reason to fret.

New people to meet,
And old friendships revived,
So excited to realize,
That the time had arrived!

My eyes, they are closed,
Anticipating delight,
Happy Shot Show to all,
And to all a good night!