While I think there is some “panic” in the recent buying surge of guns and ammunition, I like to take the optimistic view and assign a large part of the sudden desire to buy guns to something other than fear. Buying out of fear assumes that all is already lost and makes me think of a selfish desire to get that last possible purchase before the world as we know it ends. To me, that strategy admits defeat before the battle has been fought.

I would like to encourage even more buying between now and January 20th, but for a different set of reasons that will help avoid defeat rather than simply plan for it. All this “fear buying” can actually accomplish some good if you look at it from a different perspective:

  1. Buy purchasing guns and ammunition, we are exercising our right to keep and bear arms. As Tom Gresham likes to say, a right atrophies unless it is exercised regularly.
  2. I like the idea of supporting our firearm and ammunition manufacturers during a very difficult and uncertain time. Not only is the future of restrictive gun legislation uncertain, we are in some tough economic times according to the media. We are also in two wars with a long road ahead, and healthy firearms and ammunition industries fuel the overall pace of research, development, and production which ultimately supports our military.
  3. Although the election is over, we are continuing to vote – only with our dollars. I would love nothing more than the new administration and congress to see in very real terms how many of their constituents feel strongly about their second amendment rights. Might make them think twice before getting too hasty with onerous firearm legislation. The next election is only two years out and we all remember how many overzealous legislators became unemployed last time around.

So sure, fear is there, but I prefer to channel my actions in a way that will result in more positive outcomes. And you still get the benefit of growing your collection!