Final day of the NRA National Meeting checklist:

  1. Bottoms of feet on fire. Check.
  2. Knees swollen to the size of basketballs. Check.
  3. 3 days. 3 hours of sleep. 3 gallons of Mountain Dew. Check.

With that said, here are the top 5 niftiest things we saw on Day 3 of the NRA Annual Meeting 2012.


The American Dream was pervasive at the NRA Annual Meeting. Everywhere we looked we saw entrepreneurs and innovators showing their new wares. This photo is representative of the phenomenal interest that Looper Brand has generated with their new line of made-for-women-by-women holsters – The Pin-Up Collection. Getting an interview with husband and wife team Bart and Lisa was near impossible through the crowds. But don’t worry, we persevered.

IMG_2351 - Version 2

Interview with Team Glock member Tori Nanaka. We had a really great discussion with Tori and very proud dad Aaron. Don’t worry, even though Toris is a Junior, we asked her all sorts of goofy questions like we always do. Some of her answers even caught us off guard – and we’re highly paid professional smart-alecs. Smart lady that one… Stay tuned for the full interview.

IMG_2292 (1)

CorBon Rifle Action? Peter Pi – founder and CEO of CorBon Ammunition is a big game hunter and entrepreneur extraordinaire. Why not invent a new long cycle rifle action that uses a Pre-64 Model 70 style trigger? This one was sent to HP White Labs to see if they could blow it up. They couldn’t. It looked pristine to us.


Blackhawk Gear for the Ladies! We were invited to a luncheon briefing with the Blackhawk folks and got a close-up look at the new stuff – most notable of which was new pants, shirts, compression shorts, and under-gear made specifically for the ladies. Some is tactical, some is tough and functional everyday wear. Our X-Chromosome editors will be featuring this soon.

IMG_2325 (1)

Tactical Art from Technoframes – Yes, we’ve seen these before, but this one sporting a pair of 1911’s just caught our eye and we had to stop for a brief discussion about mixing guns and art with Jimmy Moreland, US Distribution Manager. We’re always amazed at the creative ideas people come up with. Technoframes makes some really, really cool stuff. Check them out. They will customize to your hearts content. We’re thinking about getting one made for our pristine 1936 Colt Woodsman Series 1. That should be displayed, not locked away in the safe.