We had more time to wander the floor today, and here are some of the more interesting things we stumbled across:


Crimson Trace Zombie Lasers – Well, not really, but they are green. A lot of new engineering is going on to fit power-sucking green lasers into the same form factors for which Crimson Trace is famous. We tried pre-product models for 1911 Lasergrips and a new model packed into the Lightguard frame. First out will be green lasers mounted inside Lightguard frames for all current guns where there is a compatible Lightguard.Later, we’ll see green in familiar grip form factors.
IMG_2349 Is it ethical to take gun bling manufacturers out for drinks and then, while they’re slugging down a Captain Morgan’s or Pinot Grigio, take a secret photo of a yet-to-be-released product and publish it on the internet? We think so. It’s good business right?The latest (forthcoming) creation from the folks at Hot Caliber is a man’s ring, hand fashioned from silver, that features a lost-wax casting of a bullet-shot-at-a-big-steel-plate. Yes, it’s elegant. And manly. People will ask about it, thereby giving the wearer a great excuse to talk about guns.What’s not to like?


We love our GunVault.It sits under the nightstand, gun and extra magazines inside, patiently awaiting the correct finger press sequence to open it in case of emergency. For example, if the cast of Jersey Shore and their one-night guests  come pounding on the door after a late night at Karma.The new SpeedVaultoffers classic GunVault features – either a biometric fingerprint scanner or 4 button touchpad – that secure your gun.The neat thing about this one is that it is designed to mount under a desk or table. The support bracket can be attached to the side or top of a piece of furniture.


We have a 22-250 fetish. It’s a fun round – both to reload and to shoot.Imagine our surprise and outright glee when we stumbled across the Olympic Arms booth and found the UMAR, an AR platform rifle chambered in– you guessed it – .22-250.It features a custom made magazine which is purpose built.And it’s just plain cool.

Why? Because we can.


Wow. We’ve been asleep at the wheel since we did not know this one was coming.Arriving at the Beretta booth for a scheduled meeting, we saw this hanging on the wall – the ARX-160 .22LR rifle.Not even on Beretta’s web siteyet, the ARX-160 is an operational equivalent to the forthcoming Beretta combat rifle.Not only does it look “beast” – it’s got fully ambidextrous operation all the way around – charging handle, mag release, and safety. It looks like a whole lot of fun – we can’t wait to shoot one.