The new Thompson Center Dimensiongoes both ways, if you know what we mean. You know, plays for both teams. Switch hits. Do we really have to spell it out for you?

OK then.

Karl from Thompson Center gave us the full tour at SHOT Show 2012 and here’s the scoop.

In short, with the TC Dimension, you can swap barrels, bolts, and scope to different calibers without changing point of impact.

Translation: If you’re huntin’ hogs, put on the “C” group barrel and bolt which gives you .270 Winchester and .30-06, for example. Smaller game? Swap our for the “A” group and try .204 Ruger or .203 Remington.

Thompson Center has created the ultimate Garanimals rifle. Pick a barrel, magazine, and bolt set by letter category – A, B, C, or D – and go to town. No trips to the range to re-verify zero – it just works. Same point of impact. Guaranteed match. Just like the kids clothes. No more embarrassing moments on the hunt when you brought mis-matching parts, or clothes for that matter.