Danner Mountain Light II boots

Danner Mountain Light II boots

I picked up this pair of classic Danner hiking boots after touring the Danner factory back on November. Seeing the handcrafting process in detail gave me a major itch to try out a classic pair of stitched down sole boots.  I scratched that itch with this pair of Mountain Light II boots. They’re the closest thing to a “dude” version of the hot new Mountain Light Cascade boots that Reese Witherspoon wears in the movie, Wild, and those are just cool. Very 1970s.

Part of the reason I got so hot under the collar for some stitch-down hikers is that I saw the Danner Recrafting facility on my tour. The idea of the stitch-down design is that the uppers are sewn onto the tread, allowing you to break in a nice pair of boots over years. When the treads wear out, send them to the recrafting center and have new soles put on them. Danner’s most senior boot cobblers work in the recrafting center to make your old boots even more awesome. Stitch-down boots also allow a wide and stable walking platform without making your feet look ginormous. Just in case you worry about such things…

Back to the point. I’ve been curious for years about how much walking is involved in the annual pilgrimage known as SHOT Show. Everybody bitches expresses wonder about the number of miles, and the National Shooting Sports Foundation claims there are 12.5 miles of booths. But that’s really an understatement as it doesn’t factor in the miles walking to and from hotel rooms, meetings, happy hours and other important business activities.

This year, I decided to get scientific and measure the miles on my feet. For self-preservation purposes, I’m wearing my Danner Mountain Light II boots the entire week of SHOT, so my feet don’t leave me for a more sedentary body. I’m not sure what to expect for SHOT Show mileage, but I’ll bet it’s a big number.

While waiting for my connecting flight, I had an idea.

How about a contest to guess the “average miles per day” that I’ll cover at SHOT Show?

My Fitbit will capture the total miles for exhibit days of Tuesday through Friday. At the end, I’ll divide total miles by four to get the average daily travel figure. You guess the average miles per day I walk, run or maybe crawl at SHOT Show 2015. I’ll give the person with the closest guess their choice of…

A FREE set of brand-spanking new Crimson Trace LG-639 Lasergrips for Glock Gen 3 Compact pistols. That would cover the Glock 19, 23, 25, 32 and 38.


A FREE set of Crimson Trace LG-401G Green Lasergrips for 1911 pistols.

To enter:

1. Just subscribe to our mailing list here.

2. As an added bonus, you’ll get our free eBook, A Fistful of Shooting Tips .

3. You’ll get a welcome email for your subscription with a link to the free eBook.

4. Just reply to that with your guess of average miles per day walked, run or crawled during SHOT Show 2015.

If you already subscribe to our weekly email, no worries, it’s even easier for you! Just reply to any of our previous emails with your guess, and you’ll be entered too.

Oh, I’ll do the math for miles covered and find the winning guess on my plane flight back home Saturday January 24, 2015, so your entries have to be in by midnight Las Vegas time Friday January 23, 2015.

Simple enough, right?