I had a growing concern that I was not adequately armed to deal with this threat using my sons Beeman pellet rifle.

First, this rodent had gotten so fat eating all the free cheese bait I gave him that I was not sure an air gun was capable of taking him out. It might annoy him, but it probably would not encourage him to relocate.

Second, I could not see a dang thing through the scope on that air rifle in a dark garage. I was beginning to suspect that this may have had some impact on my lack of success.

Aguila 22 super colibri ammunition

Aguila 22 super colibri ammunition

I almost caved into the temptation to go nuclear and lay out a few thousand traps in the garage, but cooler heads prevailed. I decided to try a more powerful rodent elimination technology that would still keep collateral damage to a minimum. Other nearby rodents, who had wisely chosen not to invade my space, would be largely unharmed.

The answer? Aguila Super Colibri .22 ammo. Quiet. Powerful enough for rodents. You can use real guns instead of toys. Garage certified. Chicks dig it.

I was pretty sure this was the advantage I needed.

More to follow.