Being big makes it a bit easier to carry a full-size gun - usually

Being big makes it a bit easier to carry a full-size gun – usually

Some of us believe that Brown Sugar & Cinnamon Pop-Tarts contain all four food groups. Some of us work out by watching American Ninja Warrior on TV. And some of us are just born this way.

Yes, I’m talking about us guys that are on the larger side of large. Or portly. Or maybe just big boned. However you define it, size and shape have a big impact on concealed carry. Sometimes, size is better, as there is more room to carry a concealed gun. Sometimes, size is a drawback, but that’s usually when volume and shape create unusual combinations, like beer bellies. Whatever the situation, we thought it might be helpful to explore some options and things to consider about how to best carry a gun concealed if you’re super-sized.

Oh, and ladies, we’re not ignoring you here. While this is mainly aimed at men, because I can make fun of my own gender, there might be some tips you can take advantage of too. But, for the most part, we’ll talk about men’s concealed carry here. Having a different set of parts and an incompatible dress code, I’m just not qualified to go into the nuances of female-specific concealed carry methods. We’ll get into that in a future article, preferably one written by a knowledgeable member of Team X Chromosome!

So with that said, here are a few random thoughts about concealed carry, for those of us who are, umm, big boned…

Fishing Shirts!

It seems like fishing shirts are all the rage these days. You know, those Columbia and Simms ones with all the neat pockets and nylon loops. Apparently you’re supposed to hang hooks, lures and shark boom sticks on them. For me, they make great CCW cover garments. They’re fluffy and baggy by design and are natural to wear untucked. Better yet, whether long sleeve or short, they’re lightweight and cool on hot days. You can actually wear and outside-the-waistband (OWB) or inside-the-waistband) (IWB) holster in the summer heat with this type of cover. I love them.

A Beer Belly Can Work to Your Benefit!

Some carry methods actually work better if you have a bit of an overhang. The SmartCarry system is a gun pouch that hangs in front of your man parts. It’s secured by a belt with a Velcro attachment. You wear the whole mess under your clothes, so it’s completely contained inside of your pants. The lower you wear it, the better, as that position allows you to sit down without interference from the gun.

This method has never worked very well for me, but thousands of people, men and women both, swear by it. The key is to wear pants loose enough in the front area to allow room. From my casual observation, many of the people who like this method have a bit of a beer belly. That makes sense, as the “overhang” tends to imply that there is some room in the pants area. With this carry method, the muzzle is positioned below anything important, and aimed at the ground between your toes, but be sure to exercise extreme caution holstering and unholstering.

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