Imagine a sound exactly halfway between a resounding “thunk” and an authoritative  “whack” – kind of like that of a White Ash Louisville Slugger meeting horsehide at the Home Run Derby. That’s the sound of a Benjamin Pioneer Airbow arrow striking (and impaling) a ¾-inch sheet of sturdy plywood.

Why would we do that? In our defense, it was the culmination of a string of “testing” activities with the Airbow. OK, so it was more fun than rigorous science. Don’t judge me. It’s my job, not just an adventure.

What the heck is an Airbow? Imagine a rifle that fires 375-grain bullets, but quietly. Imagine a crossbow with no lateral bulk. Imagine an airgun that shoots two-foot-long pellets. Getting a mental picture? Then you’re getting close to understanding what the Pioneer Airbow is.

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