When it comes to guns, Hollywood has it all figured out.

When it comes to guns, Hollywood has it all figured out.

Hollywood always gets everything right when it comes to guns. That’s why I get most of my gun-related information from watching TV and movies! After writing over 1,000 gun-related articles, I still have a lot more to learn from the firearms experts in Hollywood.

Just kidding! On the whole, Hollywood does a terrible job of representing proper gun function and use. I get it though, movies are supposed to be entertainment, not a gun history documentaries. But that doesn’t mean I can’t pick on those folks. After all, while making gazillions glamorizing guns, they can’t seem to want to take mine away quickly enough.

While there are thousands of bad gun use examples on the silver screen, here are ten that stand out as particularly egregious to me.

True Lies (1994): The MAC-10 of Doom!

Helen Tasker (Jamie Lee Curtis) can work a MAC-10 like Jimmy Buffet works a crowd of margarita-fueled Parrotheads. When her husband, super spy Harry Tasker (Arnold Musclenegger) hands her a full auto machine pistol, with comprehensive operating instructions of “Here, take this,” shortly followed up by “Shoot!” Helen torches off the MAC-10, almost immediately dropping it down a flight of steps. The gun fires a few rounds on its own accord each time it bounces on a step, killing terrorists with each and every bounce. Now that’s stopping power, right?

Even though I loved the movie, I have to call this one out. Everyone knows that the MAC-10 was banned in California. Oh yeah, and guns don’t start going off when dropped.

Wanted (2008): Bending bullets!

I know, the assassins in this movie are supposed to have some type of supernatural power, but I don’t think supernatural yoga moves while firing a pistol can make a bullet curve sideways and hit someone around a corner. With the right yoga moves, you can whip a pistol around fast enough while firing to make the bullet follow a sideways arc and curve around obstacles. Angelina Jolie did it with her Safari Arms MatchMaster .45 ACP, so it must be legit, right? Wrong.

The Walking Dead (Episode 13): Unlimited shotgun ammo code unlocked!

Hershel the farmer would dominate three gun if he was real. His pump shotgun appears to have shell capacity of 13,412. In the final battle for his farm, he unloads, and unloads and unloads on dozens if not hundreds of zombies. I looked everywhere for the wheelbarrow full of ammo he was toting around but couldn’t spot it in the scene. He must have fired off at least fifty or a hundred pounds of 12 gauge shells within a minute or so.

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