Former SEAL and Lone Survivor Marcus Luttrell teams up to launch new ammo brand

Team Never Quit launches ammunition company.

Team Never Quit launches ammunition company.

What do U.S. Navy SEALs do when they retire? It appears they keep doing what they learned during their active team days: strive to improve on what they did the day before.

Retired SEAL Marcus Luttrell, known for his account of Operation Red Wing, Lone Survivor, has teamed with another retired SEAL, Pete Scobell, and ammunition maker KC Betzold to launch a new ammunition company. Appropriately named Team Never Quit, the group intends to bring the same values instilled in them during their active tenure on the SEAL teams.

Accordingly to Luttrell, “Team Never Quit is a concept that started with us. We got out of the teams early, but it wasn’t over for us. Anyone who knows me knows that as an individual, I’m less than nothing. But put me in the middle of a group of guys and tell us to go do something, and that’s when I would spread my wings. It’s all about the team environment.”

During the 2015 NRA Annual Meeting, I had the privilege to meet these guys and learn more about what’s driving them to build the Team Never Quit initiative.

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