Sarah and the Winchester Mystery House

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You know what’s a real bummer? When you embark on some loony ritual, suggested by a kooky medium to prolong your own life or perhaps instill immortality, and you faithfully execute that recommended “health” plan with vigor your entire life until you … die. That’s the sad story of one Sarah Winchester and the Winchester Mystery House. Yeah, you might recognize the name. She was heiress to the famed small arms company that arguably helped “win the West.” History hasn’t been kind to poor Sarah, with most people believing she was a nutcase. The gist of the story goes like this… Freaked out by the loss of her only daughter, followed by the death of her husband some years later, Sarah moved out west to San Jose. There, she embarked on a lifelong project of building the world’s weirdest funhouse mansion, all to confuse and deter the angry spirits of those killed by Winchester’s small arms. Or something like that.


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