It seems all the “cool kids” are carrying concealed in the appendix position these days. You know, the guys with beards, high-speed, low-drag instructors and all manner of serious gun folk.

So, is it a “tacti-cool” fad or a responsible and effective method of everyday concealed carry?

One of my pet peeves, and something about which I always try to maintain a modicum of self-awareness, is our collective tendency to accept and pass along hearsay as fact. You know what I’m talking about — the gun counter discussions about, well, anything.

“Master Expander ammo is the best! It performs on the street like an ill-tempered possum on meth!” Or perhaps, “Appendix Carry is pure, unbridled insanity. You’ll shoot your ____ off for sure, either before or after bleeding out from perforating your femoral artery.”

You get the idea. If you press those who pass along such wisdom (and I’m as guilty as anyone else), you’ll quickly discover they’ve never performed ballistic testing on Master Expander ammo, neither have they attended any autopsies or studied compilations of street shooting data, nor have they personally tried appendix carry to form their own fact-based opinion.

I decided to do my own experimentation on appendix carry to form my own opinions about the pros and cons.

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