A long time ago, in a swamp far, far away, we buried a ZCORR Zero Corrosion Products Vacuum Pistol Bag.

When we originally buried the ultimate survival kit, the water table was normal, and the bag and its contents were buried about 2 feet deep in damp swamp mud. Did we say swamp? Sorry, we mean scenic wetlands. Since that time, we’ve had a lot of rain, and when we went to recover the goods, we found that the water table had risen and the bag was fully immersed in water. For how long, we don’t really know.


Step one was to hose down the bag thoroughly before opening. We wanted to make sure that our box of macaroni and cheese did not get contaminated by swamp mud – assuming that it was still intact and dry.

When we went to open the storage bag, we were somewhat surprised to find the vacuum seal still well intact.

Here’s the status of our survival kit…


The gun frame held up perfectly. The frame is in process of being restored so it was bare metal with no protectant. Considering it’s been immersed in a swamp for months, the condition is excellent. No visible rust.

DSC_0011 - Version 2

Mmmm! Macaroni and cheese! We have not (yet) died of swamp poisoning. If this web site goes silent without notice, we may have to change our commentary on the ZCORR Vacuum bag…


Whew! We’re still able to play silly puzzle games with our rust-free Cracker Barrel wire puzzle.

Black Powder Pistol

Black powder pistol pellets? Crackle, bang, smoke!


The Zippo lighter still lights…


And the primers still prime…


And most importantly, when the world becomes one giant Mogadishu, we’ll still be able to publish My Gun Culture – at least on dry paper.


So what did we learn?

  1. Jason from ZCORR is NOT a liar! We really didn’t think he was, but he just sounded so darn confident and all.
  2. You can literally submerge stuff in a ZCORR Vacuum Storage Bag safely – at least for a couple of months.
  3. Submerging stuff in a swamp is a pretty ridiculous thing to do, but it sure was a fun way to test out these long term storage bags.
  4. We have not yet learned how many boxes of Macaroni and Cheese will fit in a larger rifle storage bag, but we’re working on that…

These storage bags are definitely a 4 Nun product!

You can buy ZCORR Storage Bags from Brownells: Vacuum Seal Storage Bags: Handgun Storage Bag