New Moon Werewolves

Super Moon Means Super Werewolves

Shelves of specialty ammunition retailers were bare today in anticipation of tonight’s “Super Moon” event. March 19, 2011 marks an event that occurs only once every twenty years when the moon passes over 30,000 miles closer to the earth than usual. And that has some people hot and bothered.

“Super moons only mean one thing – and that’s Super Werewolves” swooned high school student and werewolf aficionado Bella Swan. “You ought to see Jacob when this happens. His 6 pack turns into a case – it’s awesome if you’re into hot abs like I am.”

Silver bullet ammunition remains in short supply. “We’ve had a run on all of our Silver-jacketed ammunition” observed Mike McNett, Owner of Doubletap Ammunition. “Especially the .44 Magnum semi-wadcutter loads. They’re the most effective on wild lycanthropes you know.”