If you ever find yourself competing in a brass flinging contest, we’ve found the perfect gun for you. The new Springfield Armory Range Officer Elite 10mm tosses brass as good as any Olympic Hammer Throw contestant. OK, so maybe aeronautical brass engineering isn’t the most useful criteria for selecting a handgun, but it did add some entertainment to our testing sessions. On a more serious note, let’s just say this new 10mm 1911 pistol from Springfield Armory has some serious mojo.

A Quick Tour

Like the current Springfield Armory Range Officer Elite Operator models chambered in 9mm and .45 ACP, the new 10mm version includes match grade everything. Frame, slide, barrel, and more are all machined to exacting tolerances to create a “step up” 1911 pistol. One difference that the 10mm variant offers compared to the traditional .45 is capacity. I was able to stuff eight rounds in each of the two included steel magazines. Add one in the chamber, and this pistol packs nine instead of eight total for the .45 version. Be aware that you might be able to “fit” nine rounds in the magazine – I was – but it’s not designed for that so you may experience issues if you try.

The Operator model is coated with the company’s Black-T finish which is the same that’s used on pistols from the Custom Shop. The Operator also sports a three-slot rail up front for attachment of operator-type things like lights and lasers. Front cocking serrations are cut to match the standard ones on the back.

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