I had the opportunity for a range outing with my son and a couple of his friends today. Somehow, we got a bug up our collective butt that today should be proclaimed Silencer Sunday. It turned out to be a pretty good idea. Assembling some guns currently in for review and plenty of silencers, we geared up and had a blast, although quietly.

Silencer Sunday supplies.

Silencer Sunday supplies.

From top to bottom…

Smith & Wesson M&P15 VTAC: This one is equipped with lotsa extras including a zombie green Warne RAMP optics mount, a Bushnell Tactical Elite 1-6x illuminated optic and a SilencerCo Saker 556.

Beretta 92FS with Crimson Trace LG-402M mil-spec laser grips. I chose to use a round suppressor, the SilencerCo / SWR Octane 45 on this one as the laser clears the silencer body and can be used as a secondary sighting method since the silencer partially obstructs the standard iron sights.

FNX 45 Tactical: It seemed right to equip this one with a SilencerCo Osprey 45. The combination of tall iron sights and the unique shape of the Osprey allows normal sighting without obstruction.

CMMG 300 Blackout Pistol: This one has a SigTac arm brace on the back for extra stability. The optic is the Trijicon ACOG for 300 Blackout with a combination supersonic / subsonic graduated reticle specific to 300 Blackout ballistics. The suppressor is a SilencerCo / SWR Specwar 762.