A suppressed Gatling Gun? Sure! Because… well, why not?

Built from titanium, stainless steel, aluminum and brass, the Liberty Gatling Canister is constructed of eighter internal monocores that vent into the suppressor’s main chamber, giving each barrel an independent and fully functional suppressor module. Adding 10.2” to the Gatling Gun’s 27” length, the suppressor weighs 8 lbs. on its own, requiring the need for a 13 lbs. counterweight on the rear of the gun’s chassis.

Despite the Gatling Gun’s high rate of fire, Liberty claims the Gatling Canister’s durable materials enable each monocore to only take 1/8th of the wear of normal suppressors, ensuring a longer service life and less-frequent cleaning. Once mounted, the suppressor is reported to reduce sound levels when shooting to a hearing-safe 120 dB.

Source: Silence! Liberty Suppressors Quiets Gatling Gun