If you tuned in last month, then you already know that one of you is going to become the proud owner of a Ruger Precision Rifle chambered in 6.5mm Creedmoor when that new rifle and scope giveaway begins in a few weeks. [enter our Current Giveaway, while you wait.] During our testing, the Precision Rifle is proving to be one seriously accurate piece of equipment.

A sweet rifle like that wouldn’t be all that useful without an equally sweet optic, purposely matched for long-range functionality. Enter the kind folks at Sightmark. They’ve contributed the 5-30×50 Pinnacle Riflescope you see here. So, if you’re the lucky winner, you’ll get both the Ruger Precision Rifle and this Sightmark optic to match. Not a bad deal, right? Let’s take a closer look at what the Sightmark 5-30×50 Pinnacle has to offer.

Sightmark 5-30×50 Pinnacle : The Specs

Let’s start with the basic stuff. This is a variable-power magnified optic that ranges from 5x to 30x. I’m normally a fan of less magnification rather than more, but for F-Class competition or other long-range use that gets to or exceeds four-digit territory, you’ll want 25x or more assuming that the scope presents a clear and crisp image without distortion. At 1,000 yards give or take, it’s supremely helpful to see where your impacts go, and with a 30x you can do that depending on the target in use. Painted steel is a great example.

If bigger is better... The Sightmark 5-30x50 Pinnacle features a 50mm objective lens and a 34mm tube.
If bigger is better… The Sightmark 5-30×50 Pinnacle features a 50mm objective lens and a 34mm tube.

The main tube has a diameter of 34mm, so this scope is a beast, but I mean that in a loving and complimentary way. The objective lens is 50mm, so at full magnification, the exit pupil is a bit small, so you’ll have a bit of eye placement sensitivity. Welcome to the price of big magnification. In a minute we’ll talk more about the magnification sweet spot of this scope.

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