shooting-chrony-beta-masterBe sure to get the name right on this one. The correct model identification is a Shooting Chrony ‘Beta Master’ and not the other way around.

If you’re into reloading, you absolutely, positively have to get a chronograph. Chronograph is a big word that means fancy electronic thing that figures out how fast your bullets go.

Why you ask? All myths and wives tales aside about being able to determine whether you’re in safe pressure territory or not by looking at brass while doing a rainbow moon dance, you need some verification that the loads you’re mixing are working out per the recipe – and more importantly in the published safe range.

The real reason that you need a chronograph is that you look exceptionally cool at the range. When you start setting up fancy electronic equipment, you tend to draw a crowd of people who are convinced that you are either Rob Leatham or Julie Golob, depending on your gender.

Here’s why we prefer the Beta Master over other models: The brains (translation: expensive part) of the unit sits safely on the shooting bench and not out there where the bullets fly. The brains, consisting of the circuitry, display, and controls, are connected to the sensor unit by a long cord. If you manage to hit the brains on this unit, please consider some additional shooting lessons before trying again! If you chronograph ammunition long enough, you will eventually shoot the dang thing one way or another. With the Shooting Chrony Beta Master, you’re only going to hit the (relatively) inexpensive parts – which are available as replacements from the manufacturer. We managed to shoot the wire support on ours, but that was an easy fix.

While the Beta Master unit records and memorizes shot strings so you can view them at home, it also allows you to connect an optional printer for an immediate record while at the range.

We’ve had great success with this one.

Available Here Shooting Chrony – Beta Master