Kriss Vector SMG

Kriss Vector SMG

We’re pretty sure Armageddon is upon us.

At the recent gun blogger shoot, we spotted Satan field testing the Kriss Vector .45 ACP sub machine gun. Well, actually it may not have been the real Satan, but rather Mz. Vast Right Wing Conspiracy from The Great Satan. While we were prepared for the worst, we actually found that Mz. Conspiracy (also known as Jackie) was not only minimally evil, but rather nice. We’re not sure about The Great Satan’s co-author Capitalist Pig though. He may be really evil for all we know. He does seem to think American Exceptionalism is a good thing. That is evil these days right?

Back to the point.

Here’s a video of the Kriss Vector in action. The first section features a Kriss representative going through the operating instructions with Mz. Conspiracy while the second shows it in action. Our apologies for all the gunfire on the background. The free ammo from sure did cause a lot of noise. Pay particular attention to the slow motion at the end and the combination of amazingly low muzzle climb for a .45 ACP shooting at 1,500 rounds per minute and Mz. Conspiracy’s excellent shooting form. Rumor has it she’s being courted for Top Shot, but we didn’t tell you that.