The Good
Way, way, way brighter than Snooki
The Bad
Crud can collect in the fiber optic channels
The Ugly
Slight risk that the 13,000 lumens of apparent light can burn your eyeballs to a crisp
Our Rating
4 Nuns Four Nuns
TruGlo TFO Tritium / Fiber Optic Handgun Sights

TruGlo TFO Tritium / Fiber Optic Handgun Sights

TruGlo TFO Tritium / Fiber Optic Handgun Sights

Suggested Retail Price: $153.99

TruGlo’s TFO line offers a great combination of fiber optic and tritium sights in one package. The basic idea is that tritium lamps are placed behind the fiber optic tubes. In dark conditions, the tritium light source shows through the fiber optic tube. In daylight conditions, the fiber optic tube provides sight brightness while the tritium lamps provide low doses of radiation sickness. A little radiation nausea can go a long way towards improving your sight picture according to some experts.

TFO’s are available in two varieties right now – green front and green rear or green front with yellow rear sights. I’ve got the green on green version and I absolutely love them. Dudes at the range almost always ask about them, which makes me feel much better about my sense of worth. Even though both front and back dots are green, I find the the front sight literally jumps out in your field of vision. I’ve used them quite a bit on a Glock 32 in speed competitions like IDPA and Steel Challenge and they are quite fast to acquire.

Street prices run about $100 and you can install them yourself without too much trouble. Warning: If you are a Glock user, that proprietary little tool for removing the factory front sight is a must!

In summary, there are a lot of tritium sights on the market. What makes the TFO’s really stand out is the daylight visibility. The fiber optic tubes really shine outdoors. No batteries required.

He said She said
These are on my daily carry gun. Quick to acquire in all light conditions and low profile so they don’t interfere with any holsters that I have tried. Other dudes Jones for them, which makes me especially popular at the range. Cool. Even with my failing eyesight I can line them up. Can I get back to Fashion Police now?

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