The Good
One relatively lightweight tool to carry in my shooting bag.
The Bad
No pliers included. In fairness though, this ‘feature’ probably prevents me from doing damage to things that should not be messed with using pliers. So let’s put this one in the benefit category!
The Ugly
I would like to see a lock on the knife blade. It opens solidly, and the shape of the tool generally keeps your fingers away from where the blade closes, but aggressive cutting still makes me a bit nervous.
Our Rating
3 Nuns Four Nuns! This removes a cheap screwdriver, my primary Leatherman, and about 712 choke tube wrenches from my shooting bag!

The Gun Tool

The Gun Tool

Approximate Retail Price: $24.99

At the recent NRA Annual Meeting, I had the pleasure of meeting some of the crew from Real Avid, makers of The Gun Tool. Those kind folks, who didn’t know better, offered to send a Gun Tool back with me for the rigorous My Gun Culture evaluation protocol. Well, the testing has been completed and here’s the report…

As it is made specifically for guns, this may just be the tool that prevents me from damaging…

  • Scope windage and elevation knobs (again)
  • My Glock and shotgun trigger groups (again)
  • Grip screws (yet again)
  • My shotgun barrels and chokes (again)

Yes, I have an issue with trying to accomplish things with whatever tool is at hand – whether it’s the right for the job or not. What, you can’t use a screwdriver and a rock for everything?

The Gun Tool features the following built-in tools:

  1. Mean looking knife blade for ammo boxes and wolverines (see below)
  2. Choke tube wrench (10, 12, 16, 20, and 28 gauges and .410 bore)
  3. Scope adjustment blade with curved contour
  4. Pin punch – steel with rounded flat point profile
  5. Flat blade 1/8″ screwdriver bit
  6. Flat blade 3/16″ screwdriver bit
  7. Phillips head screwdriver bit
  8. Phillips head screwdriver bit
  9. Torx T10 driver
  10. Torx T15 driver
  11. Torx T20 driver
  12. Hex 3/32″ driver
  13. Hex 5/32″ driver
  14. 3/16″ magnetic driver
  15. Magnetic storage container for screwdriver bits

During comprehensive testing of The Gun Tool, I found this handy list of things I can accomplish without using any other tools. And yes, I did in fact personally verify that all of these things are possible.

  • Change choke tubes on my Winchester 9410 .410 lever action shotgun (yes, that gun is way more fun than threatening my dogs with the vacuum – and that’s saying a lot. Fear not, I love my dogs and they have more fun being threatened than I have threatening them)
  • Clean underneath my finger nails with the scope adjustment blade (it’s not too sharp like the screwdriver bits)
  • I can completely detail strip my Glock 32 as the steel pin punch fits all three frame pins
  • I can clean corn out of my teeth with the claw blade (provided I’m really careful)
  • I can shotgun a beer with the punch tip
  • I can change the grip backstrap on my Beretta PX4 – the scope blade fits the u-pin perfectly and is wide enough not to deform the pin which is somewhat tight fitting
  • I can use it to hunt wolverines in Alaska
  • I can re-zero the battle sights on my M-1 Garand
  • I can remove the grips on every handgun I own except my Beretta 92FS (the hex screws are just a tad too small for The Gun Tool)
  • And a whole lot more…

This is a really handy invention. Compact and light. I love carrying one tool that does a whole mess-load (that’s a lot) of things. I’m always in need of some tweak or adjustment when at the range you know. Highly recommended!

He said She said
Adding to my moderately impressive tool collection is always a good thing. Plus, when folks at the range ask me what it is, I can tell them it’s a highly specialized gun tool. Then they tend to think I’m a much better shooter than I really am. I mean top shooters have specialized tools right? I just love my Browning Gold Fusion 12 gauge. Having one handy tool to change my choke tubes and the ones on his wimpy little .410 is really nice!

The Real Avid Gun Tool is available at Brownells:


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