The Good
  • GREAT sound reduction and comfortable fit
The Bad
  • Not incredibly sexy to wear out.
The Ugly
  • Does not improve your shooting
Our Rating
4 Nuns Four Nuns

My Gun Culture Bottom Line

Macks Ear Seals Shooters Ear Plugs

Macks Ear Seals Shooters Ear Plugs

Mack’s Ear Seals Shooter Earplugs

Retail Price: ~$3.25

Mack’s offers a broad range of earplugs for multiple applications – shooting, construction, mothers-in-law, and screaming kids to name a few. The Ear Seals model is a low-cost, yet very effective design featuring a -27dB noise reduction rating. These were perhaps the quietest semi-disposable earplugs that we’ve used – and we’ve tried ’em all.

Macks Ear Seals Shooters Ear Plugs Hard Plastic Case

Includes Hard Plastic Storage Case

These have a removable cord which is handy for in and out convenience at the range. Better yet, a hard plastic case is included to keep them squeaky clean between uses.

We found that this was in fact one of those times when it pays to actually read the instructions. To get them in with a good solid fit, just rotate them into your ear like a screw, although use of power tools is not advised. Once that’s done, you have a very snug and secure fit that will last hours without adjustment.

He said She said
OK, so I have small ears for a dude. So these fit me really well and are comfortable for longer periods of time due to the soft material used. I’ll have to get my own pair though, SHE won’t part with them. I guess I can find a way to swing the three bucks.I love these! They are super comfortable. The rectangular case is handy and I love the multi-colored cord! It’s easy to find in my purse. I also tried removing the cord and it worked like a champ which enables me to use just the plugs for when “he’s” snoring.



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