The Griffin Armament Optimus is really more of a kit than a single suppressor. Here are some of the included and optional “parts.”

The Griffin Armament Optimus is really more of a kit than a single suppressor. Here are some of the included and optional “parts.”

You know what’s insulting? Paying $200 to the federal government every time you want to buy a muffler.

Recently, I found one way to minimize that miserable excuse for a “gun safety” law while still enjoying the benefits of shooting more quietly. It’s called the Optimus by Griffin Armament and it’s a suppressor for certified Lego Master Builders.

Our friends at Silencer Shop sent me one to test out recently and “Legos” was my very first impression of the kit. That’s because it’s not a single suppressor or even a suppressor with multiple mounts. Rather, it’s a set of interoperable pieces and parts that assemble in different ways to meet a stunningly wide variety of usage scenarios. For example, it’s designed to work on something as small as a .22LR (or smaller) rimfire pistol, yet be equally functional all the way up to 300 Winchester Magnum and the comparatively astronomical pressures of that long range cartridge.

The bottom line? Only one of the parts is the serialized goodness, so you only have to send Uncle Sam $200 of your heard-earned money once – even though you can use this kit on many different handguns and rifles.

One quick note before we get into details. The folks at Silencer Shop are still working out exact promo kit packaging, so all of the components shown here may or may not be in the final product. Be sure to check that all the parts you need are present in the default package so you can order any optional pieces right off the bat.

With that said, let’s take a photo-driven tour of the Griffin Armament Optimus.

First, the basic premise behind the kit is that a “short” suppressor body is the default serialized piece. It has removable baffles inside that handle blast and pressure up to a certain point. When you need more oomph, as with a larger caliber rifle, you add another section to provide additional baffles, mounts, and internal volume. Make sense? If not, it will in a minute.

Griffin Armament OptimusGriffin Armament Optimus

This “short” can configuration uses the three lug muzzle adapter (partially installed here), the three lug mount adapter inside of the internal booster piston housing, the suppressor body, and the large muzzle cap. I’ve assembled this set of components to fit on the end of a Sig Sauer 556xi 5.56mm rifle shown here.

Griffin Armament Optimus

Here I’ve got the .308 muzzle brake device partially installed on a Sig Sauer 556R 7.62x39mm rifle. The Taper-Lok extension, Taper-Lok baffle, and suppressor body mate to create the “large” version which can handle pressure up to 300 Win Mag. The tube on the left is the Taper-Lok extension which is used for larger, and higher pressure, rifle calibers.

Griffin Armament Optimus

An exploded view of the SMG / 3 Lug components. The spring and bushing (top) provide the snap lock functionality for the muzzle adapters on the bottom left. With the SMG / 3 Lug system, push the can body onto the muzzle adapter under pressure, twist, then release. Spring pressure and the mating lugs and recesses hold the suppressor in place.

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