The Good
Really, really comfortable.
The Bad
J Clips can become detached from your belt on occasion.
The Ugly
It’s certainly not shiny and attractive like some of the premium brand offerings. Not currently offered in Crocodile or Emu.
Our Rating
3 Nuns Four Nuns! (although nuns probably don’t need to carry inside the waist band)

Crossbreed SuperTuck Deluxe IWB Holster

Crossbreed SuperTuck Deluxe IWB Holster – Comfortable leather panel with Kydex fit and retention

Crossbreed SuperTuck Deluxe Holster

Approximate Retail Price: $69.75, $79.75 as tested

The Crossbreed SuperTuck Deluxe ended the escalation of the holster race taking place in a box on our closet floor. The model tested was sized for a Glock 32 and represented the 7th holster tried for this particular gun.


It’s the comfort dummy! Traditional IWB (Inside The Waistband for any gun rookies out there) holsters are made for the gun’s comfort – not yours. You’ll notice that the interior of most any quality holster is perfectly sized and finished to gently support every nook and cranny of your gun. You’ll also notice that not a moments thought appears to be given as to how the holster will dig into the side of your body. We think using a traditional IWB holster is somewhat like stuffing a brick in between your belt and that soft love handle skin for the day. The brick comes out fine, but your gut not so much.

There are two secrets to the Crossbreed SuperTuck’s comfort and concealability:

  • Huge leather support panel. On the model for our Glock 32, the leather panel measures about 9″ wide by 6″ tall. That’s about 54 square inches of comfort and love to distribute the weight of your firearm. It helps stabilize the weight and keep things from moving around. There is even some leather that extends upwards to provide a shield between the gun’s grip and your body. This is the only IWB holster that we’ll wear without an undershirt. Did I mention that we really like the huge leather back panel?
  • Kydex gun sheath. While one side of the gun rests on the huge leather backing, the other three are covered by molded kydex. The big benefit here is the overall thinness of the holster. When you’re carrying an already large gun inside of your belt, every millimeter of thickness really counts. Of course, kydex is infinitely moldable and the Crossbreed SuperTuck is superbly shaped to your specific gun model. Our Glock 32 snaps in securely and doesn’t move once in place. If you want to tighten or loosen retention pressure, a little hair dryer heat and finger pressure will allow you to tweak the shape of the kydex sheath just a bit.
SuperTuck Clip Options

SuperTuck Clip Options

The SuperTuck Deluxe. now offers three choices for belt clips:

  • V-Clip – Intended for deepest concealment, the V clip slips over your pants only and does not go over the outside of the belt. Upward movement of the holster is prevented by velcro attached to the belt-facing slide of the clip combined with velcro on the inside of your belt. Of course, you’ll need to attach some velcro to the inside of your belt in the right places. With the V-Clip, nothing shows on the outside of your belt.
  • J-Clip – The J-Clip has a slight upward bend that hooks onto the bottom of your belt, thereby preventing upward movement of the holster. Only a small portion of the clip shows on the outside of the belt. This is the version we tested and stability is good. Heavy movement may slide your belt out of the bottom loop, but this was not a significant problem.
  • SnapLok – This is the standard set that comes with the SuperTuck unless you choose one of the upgrade clip options. The SnapLok completely encircles the belt and offers the most stable option. However, the clip is visible on the outside of the belt.

One last item to note is the degree of adjustment possible with the Crossbreed SuperTuck. Each clip as three possible mounting holes, arranged vertically. This allows you to adjust the overall height of the holster relative to the belt line and provide flexibility in the degree of cant, or angle forward or backward.

In summary, the SuperTuck does exactly what’s advertised. It’s not only the most concealable IWB holster we have, it is by far the most comfy.


He said She said
If I continue to buy one for each gun I own, she will launch a pre-emptive buying strike of her own at the nearest mall. Although it’s designed to be tuckable, I have not had much luck with that. I guess I don’t trust people not to see the lump at my belt line and the supporting belt clips. It looks super comfortable although I’m not sure it will work with my skinny jeans. Also impossible with most skirts as you have to wear a belt. Better for dudes!

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