The BSA TW180LED Tactical Weapon Light is a nifty little piece of gear. At a direct price of $79.95 it’s budget friendly but packs a number of features. Boxed in a sturdy zipper case, it includes all the components you need to use this as either a stand alone light or a rail mounted system on a gun.

Standalone Tactical Light

As a standalone light, the BSA TW180LED operates with a tail cap switch with a positive click on and off. There is no ‘momentary’ depression mode that illuminates the light briefly. However, once the light is engaged, it features five different modes of operation – selectable by light pressure on the tail cap switch. If you want to ensure that the light turns on and off in a certain mode, just leave the light on in the desired mode for 5 seconds or more and switch it off. The next time you power the light on, it will engage in that mode. Change at any time. It does take a little getting used to.

The available modes of operation are:

Medium Power – 130 lumens 1:50 hour runtime
Low Power – 60 lumens 0:50 hour runtime
High Power – 180 lumens 8:20 hour runtime
Strobe Light High speed strobe effect
SOS Signal Repeating Morse code SOS

The BSA TW180LED also includes a detachable lanyard and lens cleaning cloth.

Weapon Mounted Light

Included in the package are the components you need to mount the BSA TW180LED on a rifle or shotgun. The rail mount is configurable for either a 3/8” grooved receiver as found on most .22 rifles and air guns or a 5/8” Weaver style base found on centerfire rifles or handguns. A remote pressure switch with a flexible cord and tail cap replacement  rounds out the package. The pressure switch is plenty large for easy access and mounts with an included adhesive and velcro attachment.

The pressure switch operates slightly differently than the tail cap option. While the memory function and five mode operation is available, the light is only remains activated with continuous pressure on the switch – as it should. Leaving it on any mode for five seconds or more “saves” that mode for the next time the pressure switch is activated.

Closing Arguments

This is a self-contained kit – everything you need to get started including (2) CR123A batteries. The combination of battery light and high intensity illumination is great – especially since you can choose less intense modes for longer battery life. The five mode memory operation definitely requires some practice to gain confidence on how the light will come on at next activation. Once you get used to it, it’s a snap.