The Practical Guide to Guns and Shooting, Handgun Edition

The Practical Guide to Guns and Shooting, Handgun Edition

If you’re thinking about buying a gun, are new to shooting, or maybe you just aren’t as comfortable with the topic as you’d like, we can help you get up to speed quickly and easily. Like any new endeavor, learning the ropes of selecting and buying guns, ammunition, and accessories can be intimidating. We’ll walk you through everything you need to know to shoot correctly and safely.


The Practical Guide to Guns and Shooting, Handgun Edition

The Practical Guide to Guns and Shooting, Handgun Edition

Using an un-intimidating and delightfully entertaining approach, The Practical Guide to Guns and Shooting, Handgun Edition helps beginning and intermediate shooters learn safety, handgun operation and related concepts including purchasing, range etiquette, and accessorizing. While a valuable resource for readers who have no experience with guns and shooting, the book is also helpful for beginning and intermediate handgun owners.

“Americans are buying guns in record numbers,” observes author Tom McHale. “However, it’s not easy for someone new to the world of guns and shooting to get up to speed. Even a first visit to a gun store or range can be intimidating. Our goal is to simplify and take the mystery out of all of it.”

In light-hearted style, The Practical Guide to Guns and Shooting, Handgun Edition offers easy-to-understand and practical tips for topics including:

Types of guns: The guide outlines not only the different types of handguns like pistols, revolvers, and derringers, but also explains the pros and cons of different actions for the reader’s intended use.

Gun safety tips: The book covers the rules of gun safety in depth, taking care to explain why safety procedures are so important. The guide also covers “safety etiquette” rules expected at shooting ranges.

How to buy a gun: Chapters on gun stores, federal licensing, and even how to buy new and used guns online take the mystery out of the process so that potential gun buyers can shop with knowledge and confidence.

Basic shooting techniques: For new and experienced readers alike, the book covers important skills like stance, trigger control, natural point of aim, malfunction clearing, and grip.

Ammunition: Readers will understand the difference between rimfire, centerfire, practice, and self-defense ammunition and why using the right type is so important.

Cleaning and maintenance: Step-by-step procedures with photos show new gun owners how to clean their handguns and what to do (and not) do for corrosion-free storage.

Accessories: Readers will learn about lights, lasers, holsters, and optical sights, including their pros and cons – in plain English and without all the technical jargon.

Resources: The guide directs readers to resources for in-person and virtual training, gun, ammunition, and accessory purchases, and legal issues.

The Practical Guide to Guns and Shooting, Handgun Edition makes the process of getting from beginner to experienced, safe, and competent simple and fun. Loaded with pictures, this book provides everything one needs to know to get started with the shooting sports.

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