Smokin' Hot!

Smokin’ Hot!

Here’s a SilencerCo Osprey 45 suppressor. This is mounted on a Glock 31, which is actually a .357 Sig pistol. One of the neat things about many .357 Sig guns is that you can do a barrel swap to .40 S&W using the same magazines. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to suppress .357 Sig ammo as you’ll always here the supersonic crack. Although in some cases you may want to use a silencers just to reduce the muzzle blast – especially when you might fire it indoors.

In this case, I added a Lone Wolf .40 S&W threaded barrel in order to mount the SilencerCo suppressor. The wisps of smoke are from a rapid string of Winchester Ammunition Train & Defend .40 S&W (Train) ammo. This makes a great suppressed round as the 180 grain full metal jacket projectile moves out of this particular gun at an average of 880 feet per second – well below the speed of sound. Yes, it’s quiet.