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Connecting The Dot: Switching from Iron Sights to Handgun Red Dots

Denny from American Cop Magazine is a long-term iron sights guy. Here’s a story on his Gunsite training experience with pistol red dots from Bushnell –>

Dot Technique … Learned

I learned the suggested technique is to raise the pistol to eye level and push straight out in an Isosceles stance, look at where you want the bullet to strike, letting the dot appear and pressing the trigger.

On top of this, for five decades I’ve been trained to not look at the target but to focus on the front sight, and for almost as long used the Weaver stance instead of Isosceles.

Determined to get the most this class had to offer, I made a point of trying to overcome my deeply ingrained habits and take the instructor’s advice. My groups began to improve dramatically except for when I found myself not looking at the target and chasing the dot.

For more info: Bushnell.com, Gunsite.com

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Source: Connecting The Dot: Switching from Iron Sights to Handgun Red Dots

The Walther MPL: A Cold War Gun Story

A fascinating story about the Walther MPL…

Operating in the shadows in West Berlin was a small contingent of Special Forces soldiers known as Detachment A. Theirs was the archetypal Green Beret mission. Should the balloon go up and Warsaw Pact forces roll over West Berlin like a juggernaut, Detachment A troops would melt into the population to foment a covert underground war. To pull this off, these iron-willed studs had a 10,000-weapon stash of military firearms hidden for distribution to would-be partisans. Thank the Good Lord it never came to pass.

There were never more than about a hundred Special Forces operators assigned to Detachment A. Given the unique nature of their mission they were authorized some comparably unique weapons. One of those unique firearms was the Walther MP submachine gun.

Source: The Walther MPL: A Cold War Gun Story

A Ronin Built for Wandering

Love this 1911 series — The Springfield Armory Ronin Operator 1911. Been working with a 10mm recently but will definitely have to add this 9mm version to the collection. A solid pistol at a good price considering the construction. Makes a great foundation on which to customize over time.

Special Assignments Editor Roy Huntington takes a Classic First Look at the CZ 75 B handgun and all the special features it comes with that new and old shooters

Source: A Ronin Built for Wandering

Put a sock on it! – A Nifty Concealed Carry Solution for Spare Magazines

Here’s a nifty gadget for concealed carry. The CCW Breakaways magazine sock is covered with Velcro on one side so you can stick to most anything. Great for purses, packs, and of course, CCW Breakaway pants…

American Handgunner’s Tom McHale finds CCW Breakaways, Spare Magazine Sock, not only good for extra magazines but for other uses as well.

Source: Put a sock on it! – A Nifty Concealed Carry Solution for Spare Magazines


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On Accuracy…

I’ve long believed we get all wrapped around the axle regarding handgun accuracy for little good reason. Most any modern handgun will shoot far more “accurately” than the vast majority of us can shoot. Is it cool? Sure. Satisfying? Yes. But for a defensive handgun, arguably largely irrelevant. Here’s a great read on the topic…

So I shot the gun at the normal combat range of seven yards,” reads all too many lines, in all too many gun articles I see. Who says it’s seven yards, anyway? And I see this reader mail: “I didn’t see any accuracy testing at 25 yards,” generally in reference to an article about a pocket gun of some sort. It got me to thinking: What is accuracy, how much of it do we really need — and is it overrated?

Read: On Accuracy at American Handgunner

Charm School for Shooting Range Etiquette?

Somehow we all seem to think we’re born with the inherent social graces necessary for safe and responsible shooting. I’m thinking of starting a charm school for shooting etiquette. Who wants to invest?

When I grow up, I’m going to start a charm school for shooting. You know, like cotillion. That’s where exasperated parents sent we poorly behaved children to learn about proper fork and spoon use and doing the Foxtrot safely while wearing braces. With all my cotillion penance, I don’t remember a single field trip to the shooting range. To me, that spells opportunity.

Read the rest: American Handgunner Charm School for Shooting Range Etiquette? – American Handgunner

Lock ‘Em Up People

As firearms owners, we don’t do ourselves any favors by having guns stolen out of cars. Fortunately, there are plenty of good options to secure a gun in your car for those times when it’s necessary.

NSSF Launches PSAs on Storing Firearms Securely in Vehicles https://www.nssf.org/nssf-launches-psas-on-storing-firearms-securely-in-vehicles/


How About a Free Survival Guide?

Want a deal?

American Handgunner Magazine is giving away a free digital copy of the 2019 Americans Handgunner SURVIVE Special Edition. It’s 148 pages of tips, tricks, and strategies to help you increase your preparedness.

Normally this guide would run you at least 1 1/2 rolls of Charmin Ultrasoft, but for now, it’s completely free.

Here’s some of what’s inside…

Surviving in the City: Beating the Odds in an Urban Jungle

Good Eatin’ in Bad Times: Good Tasting and Nutritional Survival Rations

Picking Your Piece: Tips on Buying Your First Handgun

Surviving in the City: Beating the Odds in an Urban Jungle

Tips for the First-Time Knife Buyer

A Roundup of Top Backpacks

Urban Survival Gear: Essentials to Ensure You’ll Survive in the City

Stop the Bleeding!

Survival Kit Must-Haves: Don’t Overlook These Necessities

Here’s the link with information on how to download your FREE copy!

The more you read, the more things you will know. — Dr. Seuss


10mm or .45 ACP? 

Recently I got my hot little hands on a new Springfield Armory 1911 Range Officer Elite 10mm pistol. Years earlier, I’d bought a similar pistol, a Springfield Armory 1911 TRP pistol chambered in .45 ACP. I’ve always loved that production version of the FBI contract gun, so I was anxious to compare it to this new 10mm. While there are subtle feature differences between the two pistols, the big stuff is the same or similar enough for government work.

Both pistols are steel with G10 grips – made for hard use. The weight is almost identical with the 10mm Range Officer tipping the scales at 41 ounces empty and the TRP at 42. There are some subtle differences in features. For example, the sights are fiber optic on the Range Officer and Tritium on the TRP. Given the slimmer profile of the 10mm case versus the fat .45, you’ll get an extra round in the 10mm pistol. The two included factory magazines hold eight rounds compared to the standard seven in the .45 ACP.

Read the rest: 10mm or .45 ACP? The Springfield Armory TRP – The Mag Life

New CCI Quiet-22 Semi-Auto: Lose the Noise, Keep the Fun

CCI Quiet-22 Semi Auto ammoLEWISTON, Idaho – June 28, 2019 – CCI Ammunition is excited to announce new Quiet-22 Semi-Auto, which is incredibly quiet yet ultra-reliable in autoloading rimfires. Shipments of these 22 LR loads have been delivered to dealers.

Quiet-22 Semi-Auto drastically reduces the volume of standard 22 LR rounds while cycling flawlessly through semi-automatic rifles and handguns. The accurate, low-velocity loads provide the sensation of shooting through a suppressor—without the suppressor—and are perfect for new shooters, and shooters looking for a reduction in noise.

Features & Benefits
• Flawless cycling through semi-automatic rifles and handguns
• Significant reduction in perceived noise
• Excellent accuracy
• Low velocity at 835 feet per second

Part No. / Description / MSRP
975CC / 22 LR, 45 grain LRN, 835 fps, 50-count / $5.95

For more information on CCI Ammunition, go to www.cci-ammunition.com

Plinking Silence with a Thud: Winchester Super Suppressed Ammo

I’ve been testing some new ammo with my handiest .22LR pistol.

Winchester has a relatively new .22LR load on the market: the Winchester Super Suppressed. As you might guess from the name, it’s designed specifically for use with a rimfire suppressor, although there’s certainly no reason you can’t use it without one if you like the performance attributes of the ammo.

Smith & Wesson M&P 22 Compact with Silencerco Sparrow & Veridian Laser

The Smith & Wesson M&P 22 Compact is the perfect suppressor host. It balances nicely with the also compact SilencerCo Sparrow suppressor shown here.

While most any .22 rifle or pistol redefines the word “fun” when you add a silencer, there’s one gun in my safe that stands out. The Smith & Wesson M&P 22 Compact is, to me, the perfect suppressed pistol. It’s a ¾ scale version (more or less) of the big centerfire M&P and that makes it ideal as a suppressor host. Rimfire suppressors like the SilencerCo Sparrow shown here are small and light, so when you combine that with a more compact pistol, the overall package isn’t unwieldy in length, bulk, or weight. In fact, the M&P 22 Compact with the Sparrow attached handles much like a standard full-size pistol. Even with its reduced size, the M&P 22 Compact still stuffs 10 rounds of .22LR ammo into its magazine.

Read the rest: Plinking Silence with a Thud: Winchester Super Suppressed Ammo – The Mag Life

Speer to Introduce Six New Items at the 2019 NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits

Speer Gold Dot G2 AmmoLEWISTON, Idaho – April 23, 2019 – Speer is shaking up the shooting industry with two high-performance products it’s introducing at the 2019 NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits in Indianapolis, Indiana, April 26-28, 2019. Attendees who stop by the Vista Outdoor booth no. 4955 will get a first look at new Impact component bullets for reloaders and Gold Dot G2 handgun ammunition, now released to the consumer market.

The Speer Impact bullet blends tough, molecularly bonded construction with a high ballistic coefficient. Its groundbreaking Slipstream polymer tip provides an aerodynamic meplat, and its hollow core initiates expansion at velocities 200 fps lower than comparable designs. The combination results in deep penetration at mid-range, as well as extreme accuracy and consistent low-velocity expansion at long distances. These new component bullets are sold in 50-count boxes and are available in 140-grain 6.5mm/264 cal. and both 172- and 190-grain 308 cal., with MSRPs from $25.95 to $26.95.

Previously only offered to law enforcement, Speer Gold Dot G2 offers the ultimate performance for self-defense thanks to an exclusive nose design. Instead of a large hollow-point cavity, Gold Dot G2 has a shallow dish filled with a high-performance elastomer. On impact, the material is forced into engineered internal fissures to start the expansion process. The result is extremely uniform expansion, better separation of the petals, and more consistent penetration across barrier types through full-size handguns. The loads are sold in 20-count boxes and available in 147-grain 9mm Luger, 180-grain 40 S&W and 230-grain 45 Auto +P, with MSRPs ranging from $28.95 to $32.95.

Attendees at the NRA Show will also be reminded that Speer customers can now buy a limited variety of ammunition and reloading components direct-to-consumer on the Speer website; www.speer-ammo.com.

This year, Speer is celebrating more than 75 years of business. The iconic manufacturer’s reputation for making the world’s finest component bullets and loaded cartridges goes all the way back to 1943. Speer is proud of its longstanding success and looks forward to a bright future ahead.

New products and much more from Speer can be viewed at booth 4955 during the NRA Show. For more information on Speer, go to www.speer-ammo.com.


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