Is the 5.7 Is Just A Fad? | Episode 195

Is the 5.7 Is Just A Fad? | Episode 195

The Gun Cranks are stirring up some controversy yet again! This time, debating whether 5.7x28mm is just a fad or here to stay. Which Gun Crank do you agree with? Let us know in the comments.
Hot New Pistols for 2023 | GUNS Magazine Podcast #171

Hot New Pistols for 2023 | GUNS Magazine Podcast #171

Tom McHale, editor of American Handgunner, discusses some of the new pistols recently released at the 2023 SHOT Show.
Snake Stories From The Crankssss | Episode 178

Snake Stories From The Crankssss | Episode 178

While some snakes are harmless, find out how the Cranks manage snakes. Slither along with Brent Wheat, Tom McHale, and Roy Huntington.


Gunnysack: Buck Deploy Auto Knife

You’re usually in the middle of a task when you need a knife, right? For daily use, I demand a model with easy one-handed opening features.

Gunnysack: Fisher Space Pens

The perfect EDC pen. A Fisher Space Pen has been on every space flight since Apollo 7 — for good reason. These innovative tools write in almost any conditions, like underwater or on greasy surfaces.

Woox Thunderbird Throwing Axe

While you can use the Woox Thunderbird Throwing Axe for general “axe activity” like chopping and carving, as the name implies, it’s optimized for flight. The handle is smooth to allow a predictable and hang-up-free release. There’s no discernible palm knob at the base of the handle. On a utility axe, you’ll almost always have some handle mass (palm, swell or end knob) designed to prevent your hand from sliding off the end of the handle. For throwing, you want the Thunderbird to slide right through your fingers as you release each toss — hence no palm knob.

Last Minute Gift Solutions

Happy (almost) holidays, everyone! If you're like me and find yourself still nailing down gifts at the very last minute, here's a list of things we like that you can still get in time for pre-Christmas delivery...


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Packin’ Heavy — More than 10% of Adults in 15 States Have a CCW Permit

More than 10 percent of all adults in 15 states are licensed to carry concealed firearms. Over one million carry permits /licensed are in circulation in five of those states. Read More: American Handgunner Packin' Heavy — More than 10% of Adults in 15 States Have a CCW Permit - American Handgunner

Danger! Scenarios!

Over the past three days I’ve been shot, stabbed, beaten, wrestled, molested by drunks, thugs and muggers, stabbed some more and killed about a dozen times.

The more you read, the more things you will know. — Dr. Seuss


Federal Syntech Defense: Ammo Test

Federal Syntech ammunition, launched a couple of years ago, turned a few heads with its bright red polymer jackets. But those bright colors are not some marketing gimmick. In fact, there are good reasons for discarding copper jackets in favor of advanced polymer coatings. Until now, most of the benefits have been demonstrated through the company’s Range, Action Pistol, and Match offerings. However, there’s a new kid, and a new color, on the block. The Federal Syntech Defense offering with its distinctive blue noses, are intended for serious use. Let’s take a closer look. Read the rest: Federal Syntech Defense: Ammo Test

My Caliber Crisis: Do I Need a 10mm?

I’m having another caliber crisis. Over the years, I’ve ventured into cartridge odysseys that include unusual chamberings like .357 Sig and 300 Blackout. More recently, I’m kind of developing a thing for 10mm. I’ve been testing out a Springfield Armory Range Officer Elite Operator chambered in the big-boy version of the .40 S&W and I’m kinda liking it. There are definitely some benefits. Let’s discuss. Read the rest: My Caliber Crisis: Do I Need a 10mm? | The Armory Life

9mm Resurgence: Why the FBI & Police Went Back

A very interesting read on the reasons for the resurgence of the 9mm... Think today’s 9mm doesn’t possess sufficient terminal performance for use by the FBI, law enforcement and citizens for personal defense? Guess again. Read the rest: Shooting Illustrated | 9mm Resurgence: Why the FBI & Police Went Back

Dust to Dust: Defending Your Castle With Frangibles

Some interesting perspectives on the use of frangible ammunition for self-defense. It's got safety benefits indoors, but does it work on live targets? Some gun writers think frangibles are inadequate for self-defense, calling them a "fad." Those writers are ill-informed ... and wrong. Read the rest: Dust to Dust: Defending Your Castle With Frangibles | USCCA


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