What To Do With Your Guns When You Die | Episode 216

What To Do With Your Guns When You Die | Episode 216

In the words of Benjamin Franklin, "Nothing is certain except death and taxes." And while no one really wants to dwell on their own mortality, it's important to have a plan for what to do with your guns when you inevitably meet your demise. In this must-watch episode for all gun owners, the Gun Cranks share tips on making a plan for your firearms, including downsizing, documentation, and potential challenges to consider.
MotoSchutzen: Motorcycles and Shooting | Episode 215

MotoSchutzen: Motorcycles and Shooting | Episode 215

What do motorcycles have to do with shooting? Plenty, if you take part in Motoschutzen — an invitation-only shooting industry event. This year non-biker GUNS Editor Brent T. Wheat joined the group for a sidecar ride. In this episode of the 'Cranks, he reports back about the guns, the gear and what it's like to cling like a Zebra mussel to a hurtling death-bike!
Stupid Potato Launcher Stunts | Episode 214

Stupid Potato Launcher Stunts | Episode 214

Potato Guns! The mere mention brings shudders of fear to the unwashed masses. But fear not, the Gun Cranks demystify the secrets, challenges and those ner-do-wells who populate the potato gun crowd. Did you know potato guns are illegal in some states?! Yikes! Tune in … and wear your seat belt! Warning: We don’t recommend anyone try anything we talk about in this video. We’re “experts,” so got away with it ... mostly.


Gun Cranks TV – Coolest Shooting Products and Tips. And hunting with AR Shotguns…

November 1st, 2021|


Nighthawk Thunder Ranch Combat Special: Classy and Dangerous

The whole point of mass production is to make something “good enough” for an affordable price. If you want a pistol that ranks among the very best, you’ll look for a gun built more like a Chiron.

The folks at Nighthawk Custom coined the phrase, “One gun, one gunsmith” to capture their manufacturing philosophy. It means what it says.

Nighthawk starts each 1911 pistol with 46 parts, machined from bar stock billet. They’re intentionally oversized to allow the gunsmith to hand-fit every one to each specific pistol. No parts bins here.

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Top 10 Tips For Urban Survival

Some people are naturally observant. I’m not one of them. My wife can sprint through a crowded airport on a holiday weekend wearing noise-canceling headphones and then proceed to describe everyone there, who has middle seats on their next flight and which of their kids are taking violin lessons. On the other hand, I could trip over Jabba the Hut playing “I Am the Walrus” on a set of kettledrums and not notice.

What’s the moral of the story? I have to work at situational awareness. No, I mean it. I deliberately have to “switch on” when I’m out and about or the world will pass me by while I remain blissfully unaware. As a result, I’ve had to learn and develop some techniques and hacks to help me spot potentially dangerous anomalies and lifesaving opportunities during my daily travels. Maybe some of these strategies will help you too.

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1,2,3,4… I Declare a Gun Lube War

Like all those “Housewives of Toad Suck, Arkansas” reality TV shows, capitalism is subject to the immutable and universal laws of unintended consequences.

Take the gun lube market, for instance. We all need it, and presumably, there’s always room for a better mouse grease trap. So, in theory, I have no real problem with the onslaught of miracle gun lube products.

Entrepreneurs everywhere have figured out you can package stuff auto repair shops purchase by pallet-loads of 55-gallon drums into teeny, tiny, plastic bottles with eyedropper attachments and charge a per-ounce price equivalent to platinum, and, these days, gasoline. It is not unusual for a container small enough to legally carry on an airplane to cost $15, $25 or even $40. If a container won’t cause anxiety and suffering among TSA agents, it’s small indeed.

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The more you read, the more things you will know. — Dr. Seuss


Federal Syntech Defense: Ammo Test

Federal Syntech ammunition, launched a couple of years ago, turned a few heads with its bright red polymer jackets. But those bright colors are not some marketing gimmick. In fact, there are good reasons for discarding copper jackets in favor of advanced polymer coatings.

Until now, most of the benefits have been demonstrated through the company’s Range, Action Pistol, and Match offerings. However, there’s a new kid, and a new color, on the block.

The Federal Syntech Defense offering with its distinctive blue noses, are intended for serious use. Let’s take a closer look.

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My Caliber Crisis: Do I Need a 10mm?

I’m having another caliber crisis.

Over the years, I’ve ventured into cartridge odysseys that include unusual chamberings like .357 Sig and 300 Blackout. More recently, I’m kind of developing a thing for 10mm. I’ve been testing out a Springfield Armory Range Officer Elite Operator chambered in the big-boy version of the .40 S&W and I’m kinda liking it. There are definitely some benefits. Let’s discuss.

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