1210, 2021

Gun Cranks TV – Dangerous Targets & Really Bad Ideas

October 12th, 2021|


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Vantage Point: A look at new guns and gear…

My favorite pocket/ankle pistol has an upgrade. The new XD-S OSP from Springfield Armory is now optics ready. The test model shown here came with a Crimson Trace CTS-1500 mini red dot sight pre-installed and ready to go. In fact, when I took it to the range to zero the optic, I found it was already dead on. And I do mean precisely. At 15 yards it was shooting right through the red dot superimposed on the target.

Source: Vantage Point: A look at new guns and gear…


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Is the .40 Dead?

The .40 died before it was born. That’s a rotten way to start a fulfilling life, but there you have it.

Thanks to a shortsighted, bean-counting corporate management team way back in 1978, the .40 B&S, the predecessor to what we now know as the .40, was denied production resources. The wildcat cartridge development effort had been advanced during lunches and after hours as a labor of love and was ready for its debut, pending management buy-in. Even though the test cartridges and pistols showed promise, leadership ixnayed the idea and what we now know as the .40 lay commercially dormant until 1990.

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Federal Syntech Defense: Ammo Test

Federal Syntech ammunition, launched a couple of years ago, turned a few heads with its bright red polymer jackets. But those bright colors are not some marketing gimmick. In fact, there are good reasons for discarding copper jackets in favor of advanced polymer coatings.

Until now, most of the benefits have been demonstrated through the company’s Range, Action Pistol, and Match offerings. However, there’s a new kid, and a new color, on the block.

The Federal Syntech Defense offering with its distinctive blue noses, are intended for serious use. Let’s take a closer look.

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My Caliber Crisis: Do I Need a 10mm?

I’m having another caliber crisis.

Over the years, I’ve ventured into cartridge odysseys that include unusual chamberings like .357 Sig and 300 Blackout. More recently, I’m kind of developing a thing for 10mm. I’ve been testing out a Springfield Armory Range Officer Elite Operator chambered in the big-boy version of the .40 S&W and I’m kinda liking it. There are definitely some benefits. Let’s discuss.

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