The OTIS Technology MC-10 is a two-part deal. The cleaner... cleans and the lubricant... lubricates.

The OTIS Technology MC-10 is a two-part deal. The cleaner… cleans and the lubricant… lubricates.

I’ve been using OTIS Technology cleaning hardware for years. The cable and pull-through design helps you drag muck out the fiery end instead of pushing it back into the action as is too often tempting when using cleaning rod systems.

The company has always included their own lubricant and protectant products in the lineup, but now they’ve launched a new one. Called MC-10 (for Mission Critical) the first products are a dedicated cleaner and a dedicated lubricant.

The MC-10 lube is designed to stand up to, and remain in place through, high-temperature use. Its operating range is -65°F – 650°F with no flashpoint.  To put that in perspective, traditional hydrocarbon formulas tend to have working temperature ranges around -30°F – 350°F.

MC-10 is applied with a spray pump applicator. Normally, you spray it on a clean cloth to apply rather than wetting down the whole gun. I only mention the spray application to point out that it goes on in a thin layer less likely to gum things up and attract dirt.

The cleaner product is just that. It will remove the standard oil and grime, but it’s also designed to remove the MC-10 lubricant. When you want to take everything off for maintenance or just to get a fresh start on proper lubrication, use the cleaning part of the MC-10 mix. It’s inert and safe on metal and polymer surfaces.

I’ve been using it on a Sig Sauer P229 and 1911 for the past couple of months. So far, so good, but I want to use it for a long time before offering any definitive comparison. To date, it’s stayed in place and doesn’t seem to attract dirt and muck and function has been perfect on both guns.