On the sixth day of Christmas, I hope my true love gives to me…
Six scales a weighing…


Reload yet? If not, why? The world is a mess, zombies are coming any day, and ammo gets more expensive with each passing diflection election. Plus it’s a great stress reliever. Make some shiny cartridges after a tough day and all becomes right  in the world. Then you get to shoot them. Icing on the cake.

Every reloader needs a scale or two. Here are the ones we want for Christmas…


Lyman 1200 DPS 3 Digital Powder System
The beauty of this one is its speed. When you set the pan back down it can automatically dispense the same powder charge again, allowing you to seat the previous bullet while the next charge gets weighed. Hey true love – are you reading this?


RCBS Chargemaster 1500 Powder Scale & Dispenser Combo customers love it based on the reviews, so RCBS must have got it right with this one. The scale and pan are in front of the dispenser so its friendly for righties and lefties.


Hornady Lock and Load Bench Scale
We’ve been wanting a nice compact digital for a while. Balance beam scales are great for checking a pre-determined weight, but kind of lousy for chunking something on there to see how heavy it is. Enter the digital. Great for checking total cartridge weight or the weight of a a random bullet.


Frankford Arsenal DS-750 Scale
Another digital, but this one is battery powered. Which means you can take it to the range. And weigh stuff.


RCBS Model 505 Magnetic Powder Scale
Old faithful. Gotta have a magnetic beam scale just so you can say you don’t trust all this newfangled electronic stuff. And as a no-power required alternative for when the zombies come.


Camdex 2100 Series Pistol Loading Machine
If you’re serious about apocalypse preparation, skip the dedicated powder scale and go full auto. The Camdex system reloads up to 4,400 cartridges per hour and has 10 different automated quality and safety checks built in. Run this baby for a few days around the clock and you’re easily set for a month or so of Steel Challenge.




Five magnum things…
Four written words…
Three tactical pens…
Two shooting gloves
And a Smith and Wesson M and P