Marine One Visits Gun Store

Marine One Visits Local Gun Store

Creede, Colorado – Today, President Obama made a brief detour from his Town Hall stump tour to visit a small Colorado gun store. The President seemed downright giddy upon exiting Marine One outside locally owned Zeke’s Gun and Pawn Shop in Creede, Colorado.

When asked about the unscheduled stop, the President replied “I, ah, keep on hearing from folks, that, ah, guns are going to be, ah, banned.That’s what a gun ban is you know, ah, banning guns! So I, ah, gave orders to the guy up front wearing a, ah, military uniform, and asked him if he could, ah, land Marine One out there in the, ah, street. I, ah, figure that I own that, ah, street now that I, ah, won. Plus, I just like cruising around in this, ah, awesome helicopter. It’s pretty awesome, you know, and Michelle really digs it.”

When questioned why he chose to stop at a gun shop of all places, Obama expressed concern about future availability of guns under his administration. “Rahm Emanuel and I have been, ah, talking, and we’re pretty sure that we won’t be able to buy the really cool guns anymore after we, ah, ban them.So I want to get mine now. Do you know if I need some sort of, ah, permit or anything? I’m pretty sure I don’t because I, ah, won. I’m the new President you know.”

The brief stop in Creede surprised some Washington insiders.According to Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader, “I wish the President had just shopped locally. At this critical juncture, we really need the President close by in order to sign the trash we are ramming through Congress in an expedient manner.”

“You know, Reid has no idea what he is talking about.” responded President Obama. “We tried to make this a short outing back in, ah, Washington, but, you know, there aren’t any gun stores in Washington D.C.It’s a little puzzling because my administration believes in Second Amendment rights, so I am not quite sure what that’s all about.That’s exactly why we need to implement this emergency stimulus package right away.Look how many gun industry jobs have already been lost right here in the nation’s capitol.”

obama finger pistol

Secret Service agents were noticeably on edge.According to Rock Steele, spokesperson for the Presidential security detail, “There were guns everywhere.A number of threats, I mean customers, were also in the store and we were pretty sure one of them would go postal at any minute with all those guns lying around. It was pretty tense there for a while. We had to shoot a few locals to be on the safe side.”

The President spent about 30 minutes in Zeke’s Gun and Pawn before leaving with his new purchase and boarding Marine One. Owner and Operator, Zeke Varminter, commented that the President showed quite a bit of interest in the military style rifles and had lots of questions.“Yep, he picked one of those AR type rifles up off the counter, pointed it at one of the Secret Service agents, and said ‘Hey look, I can do this! I’m the President you know!’” According to Zeke, the President was offered free safety and range training, but declined. “I have utmost respect for hardworking American citizens,” said Obama, “but clearly they don’t understand politicians.We’re expert in everything.”

As of press time, the President had not made further comment about his purchase, although there were some reports of sporadic gunfire coming from the vicinity of The White House indoor bowling alley.