The NRA Annual Meeting 2014, Indianapolis, IN.

You can bank on plenty of hungry politicians swarming the 2015 NRA Annual Meeting.

2014 marked a return to some semblance of normalcy in our industry. Whew, the past couple of years have been a pain. Too little product and too high prices. In 2015, we’ll get back to a sane business model with new products and broad availability. Danger looms on the political front with a lame duck President and billionaires dumping money into state-level gun control efforts.

1. The “Old” New Guns Will Hit the Shelves

Every gun manufacturer I know has a backlog of new designs just waiting to be put into production. During the great gun panic of 2012/2013, no company could stop making existing products in order to re-tool for new designs. With the demand far outstripping supply, it would have been lunacy to halt production to make new toys. Now that manufacturers have (mostly) caught up to demand, we’ll see new products that will attract new and existing gun owners. 2015 will mark a return to competition among manufacturers, where producers of quality and innovative products will attract more customers.

In 2015, many of those designs will hit the streets. I’ve seen a number of them and we’ve got some good stuff coming! Stay tuned right here at OutdoorHub…

2. Someone Will Release the Arc Pistol

If you think the Taurus Curve is unusual, wait til you see the Arc!

If you think the Taurus Curve is unusual, wait til you see the Arc!

In 2014, Taurus caused a ruckus in the shooting community by releasing a very unconventional self-defense pistol – the Curve. While I can’t predict which company will do it, I can with absolute certainty predict that the Arc Pistol will be unleashed on the shooting market in 2015. What’s better than a Curve? An Arc, that’s what! I have it on good authority that this gun will actually shoot around corners. I don’t mean you can aim it around a corner, I mean the bullet will “arc” towards its target, just like in that corny movie Assassin. Nah, not really, but I wouldn’t be surprised if someone out there tried to one-up the Curve.

3. Politicians Will Emerge From the Swamp

Like the 17-year periodical cicada, politicians will emerge from the ground this coming year. Unlike locusts, swarms of politicians cause far more damage than their crop-eating brethren.

It’s election season again. Well, these days, every season is election season, but 2015 will mark shameless pandering kicking into overdrive. We’ll see a whole slew of aspiring White House dwellers that will beg for the Presidential Primaries brass ring. Since the NRA gained over a million new members the past couple of years, expect the politician swarm to cover Nashville, TN during the NRA Annual Meeting.

My bold predictions. At least seven political candidates who have been historically opposed to guns will make the following statement: “I believe in the Second Amendment, with certain common sense limitations of course.” Could Joe Biden dare make an appearance at the 2015 NRA Annual Meeting?

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