Glock 17, Crimson Trace Lasergrips and Crimson Trace Lightguard

Nightstand perfection?

The stars aligned, it was a slow day on cable and there was not another Presidential Debate scheduled for 18 more minutes. In short, we were bored and started tinkering. Coincidentally at this particular time we found ourselves reviewing a Glock 17 Gen IV, Crimson Trace Lightguard, and Crimson Trace LG-850 Lasergrips.

That moment of boredom is when it occurred to us that… you can put all these things together!

OK, actually we knew that it was a well thought out master plan for all these things to work together. What was less expected was how exceptionally handy this setup is. While we still recommend a hand held flashlight for looking around, it’s great to have light and laser aligned with your bore with no additional grip gyrations.

Here’s a detailed step-by-step guide to arming yourself, getting a light on target, acquiring a good sight picture in low light conditions and preparing to fire if necessary:

  1. Pick up your gun

That’s about it.

You see, the new Crimson Trace LG-850 series for Glock Gen IV full and compact size guns is a rear pressure activated design. This frees up the front of the Glock grip for the Crimson Trace Lightguard activation switch. So when you pick up your Glock (or other supported model) the web of your hand activates the laser, your middle finger activates the light, and you’re ready to go.

The Lasergrip panels add a touch of circumference to the gun, so we’ve found that the smallest grip configuration of the Glock Gen IV makes the whole setup just about perfect for medium sized hands. With the Glock’s extra grip panels simply adjust as necessary to your preference.

It’s become the new nightstand configuration. For now. As we’ve been doing all sorts of ammunition testing for our Hornady Critical Defense Will It Expand series, we’ve come to be even more impressed with the performance of the .357 Sig round in all sorts of adverse conditions. We’ve had a Glock 32 for years and love it. Now we’ll have to take a close look at the Glock 31 Gen IV in .357 Sig for the nightstand gun.

Now if they could only figure out how to mount a cell phone…


You can find the Crimson Trace Lasergrip and Lightguard at Brownells

Crimson Trace Corporation Crimson Trace Glock & Semi-Auto Lightguards

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