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The 2016 SHOT Show had somewhere around 15,319,012 suppressor manufacturers by my estimate. Well, maybe not quite that many, but everyone and their brother is getting into the silencer business these days. After several days of checking them out, I’ve come up with this list of some of the most interesting new models for 2016.

AMTAC (Advance Manufacturing Tactical) Over Barrel Suppressors

Wandering the halls I ran across a nifty rifle suppressor from AMTAC. This high-tech machine shop primarily makes over barrel suppressors. That means that most of the suppressor body slips over the rifle’s barrel. The result is that the suppressor only adds about 3.7 inches to the length of the rifle.

As this clear demo unit shows, this suppressor slides over the barrel to the point where the baffles start.

As this clear demo unit shows, this suppressor slides over the barrel to the point where the baffles start.

Here’s how it works. An internal tube slips over the barrel while the outer silencer body creates airspace between this barrel sleeve and the suppressor body. The resulting space creates a lot of usable volume to allow gas to chill out a bit before exiting the muzzle. There is a short segment of traditional baffle in front of the muzzle and these take the brunt of the gas blast and direct hot gas back into the chamber around the barrel sleeve.

The company makes this model for .223 and .30 caliber rifles in different lengths depending on the level of suppression performance you want. The results are a much shorter rifle configuration and less gas blowback to the shooter. It’s a cool idea. The flagship CQB model retails for $875 for the 5.56mm model and $975 for the 7.62mm version.

Dead Air’s Ghost-M

The Ghost-M from Dead Air Armament is a multi-caliber pistol suppressor that will handle .45 ACP, 10mm, .40 S&W, 9mm and .300 Blackout subsonic rounds. As the “M” in the name implies, it’s a modular unit. That means you can remove a forward section of the can when you want to sacrifice a little bit of sound reduction in favor of smaller size and lower weight.

The interesting thing about the Ghost-M is what the Dead Air folks have done to reduce the problem of first round pop. With most suppressors, the initial shot will be louder than subsequent shots because the can interior is cool and the difference in temperature creates more noise when super hot gas blows through the comparatively cool silencer. The Ghost-M has a spot for a rubber gasket with a small hole in the center. This goes right behind the front cap so the bullet passes through it before exiting. The gasket serves to chill out the gas blast and dramatically reduce the first round pop. The gaskets are disposable and good for 30 to 50 shots before they start to lose effectiveness. You can leave it in there much longer, it just won’t work quite as well.

Note the gasket in the end cap. That helps reduce the first round pop noise.

Note the gasket in the end cap. That helps reduce the first round pop noise.

The Ghost-M is made out of titanium and 17-4 stainless steel to blend light weight and durability. The full-length configuration is 8.75 inches long while the compact is 6.2 inches. The diameter is 1.375 inches and the Ghost-M weighs 12 ounces for the full size and 9.6 ounces for the compact.

MSRP: $949.00

Liberty Cosmic Multi-caliber Suppressor

New from Liberty cans is the Cosmic 45. This eight-inch long suppressor is built to be a multicaliber model for 45 ACP, other pistol calibers smaller than that, and some lower pressure rifle calibers like 300 Blackout (subsonic and supersonic) and 7.62×39. It will also handle 458 SOCOM and 4568 Bushmaster, but those won’t suppress below hearing safe levels so be sure to use earplugs.

The Liberty Cosmic uses a mono-core baffle.

The Liberty Cosmic uses a mono-core baffle.

This flexible can weighs 9.5 ounces and is made from titanium and stainless steel. The interior is a mono-core design for strength, so all the exterior tube as to do is hold the serial number and not blow up. The outside if coated with Type C Cerakote.

MSRP: $799

SilencerCo Hybrid

As the SilencerCo Hybrid name implies, it’s designed to work with a broad variety of host weapon calibers. In short, it will handle anything from 9mm to .45-70, even staying at hearing safe levels with that monster round. With the bigger calibers and magnum cartridges, pay attention to the barrel length restrictions. Most are fine with 16-inch barrels, but magnum calibers like .338 Lapua require an 18-inch barrel.

This SilencerCo Hybrid has a 3-Lug mount installed.

This SilencerCo Hybrid has a 3-Lug mount installed.

The exterior is finished with Grey Cerakote. The silencer body is 1.565 inches in diameter and 7.8 inches long and weighs 13.8 ounces. The Hybrid uses the same mounts as the Harvester and Omega model.

It ships with the .456-inch front cap to handle the .45 caliber options. SilencerCo will be offering front caps for .30 caliber and 5.56mm use. Those front caps share the same threading pattern with the Omega too.

MSRP: $999

And of course, there’s the new Maxim suppressed pistol. Outdoor Hub had a chance to talk with the SilencerCo team about that – watch the video here.

Gemtech Tracker

Gemtech has a new silencer for the hunting market. The Tracker is built to be light, and it is at just 11.3 ounces, but it will handle up to 300 Win Mag. It’s made from aluminum and titanium, and both materials are judiciously used in the right places to make it strong enough for the big cartridges and light enough to carry on your hunting rifle.

It's exceptionally light for a full-size rifle suppressor.

It’s exceptionally light for a full-size rifle suppressor.

The thread insert and blast baffle are titanium and the tube and forward baffles are made from aluminum. If you’re going to do magazine dumps on a regular basis, this suppressor is not for you. However, if you’re looking for a cost effective can for hunting and anything less than abusive fire volume, then this might be a good option. It’s designed to handle ten round strings of fire before letting it cool down to ambient temperature. A little extra care is the price you pay for the extremely light weight.

MSRP: $599.00

Yankee Hill 30 Caliber Nitro

New from Yankee Hill Machine Company (YHM) is the 30 Cal Nitro. This rifle suppressor will handle anything from .17 HMR to 300 Ultra Mag. It’s made from 17-4 stainless steel with an Inconel blast baffle. It’s full auto rated and comes with a lifetime warranty, so this is one for the high volume rifle shooters.

End caps can be changed out to accommodate smaller calibers or to add a muzzle brake.

End caps can be changed out to accommodate smaller calibers or to add a muzzle brake.

The Nitro weighs in at 21 ounces. The neat thing about this one is that it’s user configurable. The end caps can be swapped out so you can put one on with a smaller hole to further reduce noise of smaller calibers. The company has also designed a muzzle brake which further reduces felt recoil by about 15%. The muzzle end is configurable too and you can use a quick detach mount to a YHM muzzle device or a direct thread mount.

The Nitro is a tubeless design, so the exterior you see is the collection of welded baffles. The tubeless design reduces weight and creates maximum internal volume for better suppression. The serialized part is the one-inch ring you see around the tube in the photo here. If you somehow completely trash your Nitro, YHM can remove that band and apply it to new “parts”, and you don’t have to do a whole new set of paperwork for the ATF.

Tactical Solutions Ascent22

This nifty little .22 suppressor features a split tube interior. That means that the baffles are surrounded by two halves of a tube. That whole assembly slides into the outer tube. Using the split tube design prevents carbon and lead from “welding” the baffles to the suppressor body.

Note the titanium baffle. The rest are ceramic -coated aluminum.

Note the titanium baffle. The rest are ceramic -coated aluminum.

The baffles themselves are made from aluminum and are ceramic coated except for the first blast baffle. That and the thread adapter are made from titanium because those parts take the most abuse.

The Ascent22 is 5.9 inches long and weighs just 4.1 ounces.

MSRP: $360.00