Real Avid Gives New Meaning to Deluxe Cleaning Kit

Real Avid Master Cleaning Station for AR-15

Real Avid Master Cleaning Station for AR-15

Real Avid created the ultimate gun cleaning solution with their new Master Cleaning Station – AR15.

The Master Cleaning Station – AR15 is not just another deluxe cleaning kit, it is the ultimate gun cleaning solution. “Instead of adding more pieces and parts, we decided to add more functional value,” said Dave Steiner, President. “We wanted to create the best gun cleaning experience period, and added the necessary components to do just that.”

The Master Cleaning Station – AR15 includes a 43” x 16” gun cleaning mat with a cleaning kit attached. The kit is connected to the mat so everything you need to clean your gun is right there. When you flip open the cover, all of your cleaning implements stand upright, making them easily accessible and ready to be used. Included in the cleaning kit are: Brass rods, an ergonomic handle, AR15 Scraper, AR15 Field Guide, Smart Brushes, Accu-Grip Brushes, Chamber Brush, Bore Brush and Star Chamber cleaning pads.

“In this kit we put the required items to clean your gun. We didn’t add unnecessary pieces and parts to advertise quantity. We went with quality,” said Dave Steiner.

The Cleaning Station rolls up and fits into an included bag so, everything you need can easily go with you.

The Master Cleaning Station – AR15 retails for $59.99 and is available now.

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