Sig's new 300 AAC Blackout offering.

Sig’s new 300 AAC Blackout offering.

After hearing about the new Sig MCX short barrel rifle, the first model of which is optimized for 300 Blackout, I figured Sig would extend the new ammunition line with an optimized round for the MCX.

Unlike every other firearm on the market, the SIG MCX was designed from the start for optimum performance with the .300 Blackout cartridge and a silencer. When paired with a SIG SAUER silencer, the outcome is a firearm with superior suppression capability and enhanced reliability with both supersonic and subsonic loads.

The new Sig 300 Blackout cartridge will initially be offered in both supersonic and subsonic configurations. Both loads will use the proven Sierra Matchking projectiles in 125 and 220 grains respectively.

We’re got some on order and will report back with more details soon. Stay tuned…