MGC-holster-guide-coverNew to shooting?

Been shooting forever, but new to carrying concealed?

Looking for a holster that is more stable than most Hollywood celebrities?

Just got your concealed carry permit?

Unhappy with your new holster that the gun shop guy recommended?

Ever wanted to stuff a gun into your underwear – safely?

Then this booklet is for you.

The editors at have painstakingly documented all the holsters we’ve tried over the years and provided helpful commentary and pros and cons of different holster styles. We investigate look the benefits and drawbacks of most of the more common methods of carry: waist / belt – both inside and outside the waistband, torso, ankle, off-premises parking, and sexy carry.

Complete with photographs, this booklet not only investigates styles, but looks at specific models offered by major manufacturers. We share our personal experiences with over a couple dozen holsters currently on the market. Good and bad. In the Torso Carry chapter, we explain how it’s physically possible to launch a Glock 32 through your shirt collar. Yes, it can be done.

We’ve made lots and lots of mistakes and in the process repopulated the Island of Misfit Holsters. So learn from our mistakes and maybe save yourself the cost of a wasted holster purchase or two. Or three. Or four.

My Gun Culture’s Insanely Practical Holster Guide is available now on and Barnes and Noble. It’s coming to Apple iBooks poste haste. Check here for updates!