Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton - Venison Lovers

Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton - Venison Lovers

Continuing with her down-home demeanor and laid-back style, country star Miranda Lambert has gone huntin’ to stock the banquet tables at her upcoming wedding. Prior to tying the knot with country sensation Blake Shelton, Lambert decided it was Time To Get A Gun and fetch her wedding reception vittles.

While Miranda is clearly made of Gunpowder & Lead, the deer in question did not appear to be as ruggedly built, as it was quickly turned into the main wedding feast entre.

Inside sources with Ms. Lambert’s catering company hinted that in addition to the venison main course, other local delicacies would be served including:

  • Cream of Cooter
  • Mixed Kudzu Greens with Muscadine Vinaigrette
  • Coon Seviche
  • Armadillo Tartare
  • Twinkie Flambe
  • And last but not least for the city folk, Braised Squab with Creme Fraiche Foam

Things could get out of hand as there will be an open bar featuring moonshine on the rocks, Mad Dog 20/20 Appletinis, and of course PBR.