Looper’s Sophia gun holster is a ladies version of a traditional slide style holster. Made of smooth black leather, it’s an outside the waistband design.

Looper Sophia ladies holster

The Looper Sophia offers equal measures of elegance and function.

The Sophia features two integral sewn-in belt loops that will accommodate belts up to 1 ¾ inches in width. Our model, sized for a Glock 26, was just about 2 ½ inches tall — enough to completely cover the trigger guard and provide a secure fit. The fit was tight out of the box, so you can loosen (or not) to preference by manipulating your unloaded gun in the holster. The best way to do this is to put your unloaded gun into a Ziploc bag and work it around the holster until the fit meets your specific preference.

The Sophia is curved to body shape and features a sharply angled rear belt loop. The angled rear loop helps to draw the holster closer to your body. While this model has no support around the holster mouth, the leather is sturdy enough to allow easy one-handed reholstering.

Looper Sophia ladies holsters glock 26 ruger lcp

A pair of Looper Sophias with a Ruger LCP and Glock 26

Secret Tip: If you drop Lisa Looper an email, you might be able to talk them into making you a Sophia holster in an exotic material. Crocodile? Llama? Ostrich? Iguana? Glitter Gecko? Who knows…

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